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We are Tourism for All, or TFA for short. We are a small but vibrant independent national charity and we are the voice of accessible tourism and travel in the UK.


We believe that it is the right of disabled people to participate in all areas of community life.

Few areas are more important, or valued, than Tourism and Travel - which restore our energies, broaden our minds and serve our deepest human instincts to explore new places and to enjoy and share new experiences.

Those organisations – whether commercial, public service, or charitable enterprise – which operate in support of our common desire to travel, surely do so under an assumed social license. Our obligation is to make Tourism and Travel accessible to all.



Our mission is to be the centre of expertise on accessible tourism and travel in the UK, working for a world-class tourism experience for everyone.

Our objectives in support of this mission are to:

  • Provide disabled tourists and travellers with accurate and timely information, in the manner in which they wish to receive it, to enable them to make informed choices;
  • Stimulate and support the tourism and travel industry to deliver a world-class experience for everyone;
  • Work with policy makers to ensure that tourism and travel policies take full account of relevant needs and are coherent and co-ordinated.


Tourism for All was formed in 2004 from the merger of three existing organisations: Tourism for All Consortium, IndividuALL and Holiday Care. Tourism for All Consortium and IndividuALL had focused on the provision of business / public policy advice services regarding accessibility, while Holiday Care, which was established as a charity in 1981, had focused on the provision of information services to consumers with accessibility needs.


We are unique for a number of reasons:

  • We focus on tourism and travel, not on disability
  • We encompass all of the country / world
  • We encompass all audiences – individuals, industry and policy makers
  • We encompass all impairments and conditions
  • We encompass all types and sizes of tourism and travel business
  • We encompass all tourists and travellers, no matter what their purpose, demographic or group size
  • We encompass all political views and government departments, with no bias or preference
Open Britain

Open Britain

Our one-stop shop for accessible holidays in the UK

Open Britain has details of over 10,000 tourism businesses to help you plan your perfect accessible holiday or break.

Open Britain is completely free to use and you don’t need to be a Member of Tourism for All, so if you know where you want to go and what you want to do just click on the link to start searching and planning.

But remember, by not being a Member of Tourism for All you could miss out on the latest offers, exclusive discounts and great new places to stay and visit.

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