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We want everyone to enjoy their visit to Leicestershire. We make every effort to make it accessible and welcoming to visitors with a disability, restricted mobility or other accessibility requirements.

The official tourism website for Leicestershire has information for visitors with mobility, hearing and sight impairments so you can be sure of being able to enjoy the places you choose to visit during your stay. You will find how many steps there are to the front door of overnight accommodation, or if there is a lift. You’ll see if there is designated parking right outside the entrance and whether there are staff that have received training to help visitors with specific access requirements.

Look for restaurants that have menus in large print and who can offer menus for visitors with allergies or special dietary requirements.

Visit Leicestershire and enjoy a day out at one the many attractions that offer a full range of facilities for all visitors to enjoy. There is so much to do why not book a short break? Look out for our short break that offers overnight accommodation and a range of visitor experiences that is fully accessible for all visitors – available Summer 2013.

See www.goleicestershire.com for a full range of information to help you choose a fully accessible visit to Leicestershire.

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