History, heritage and handrails in Leicestershire

History, heritage and handrails in Leicestershire

Wheelchair user, tourism advisor and travel blogger Carrie-Ann Lightley tells us about her accessible trip to Leicestershire, where she makes friends with knights in shining armour, immerses herself in bloody battles and gets up close and personal with deadly weapons (and cute owls) before making full use of her four-star hotel. After all, civil war can be hard work…

Leicestershire is one of the four destinations VisitEngland has worked with to develop exciting itineraries with top class accommodation and attractions that provide a warm welcome for all visitors, including those with access needs - such as hearing loss, visual impairment, wheelchair users, older and less mobile people and people with pushchairs.

There is so much to do in Leicestershire so it’s a great place for a weekend away - our itinerary included historical sites, an interactive museum and beer tasting!

Read Carrie-Ann's full blog post on the VisitEngland site

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