20% Off the Trabasack Curve: Perfect For All Your Travels

The Trabasack Curve is the ideal travelling bag, for your journey, for days out, once you arrive and even for dining out. Extremely versatile and innovatively designed, the Trabasack Curve combines a spacious bag area and a lap desk, allowing for a stable surface wherever you may be.

The Trabasack Curve benefits from multiple carry options and can easily be carried on your back, shoulder or hung from the back of your chair. It is also extreme lightweight and easy to attach around your waist so remains extremely comfortable on your lap for long periods of time. This innovative lap tray feature means the Trabasack Curve is popular with both wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users alike.

The bag space is ideal for storing all your daily travel essentials including your camera, guide books and snacks and the added benefit of the tray surface means if you feel like stopping for a snack, you don't need to scout for the nearest café; you have a table right in front of you! This is even more useful when you consider the accessibility concerns that often arise when visiting unknown cafes and restaurants. Wheelchair users need not feel awkward or uncomfortable if they find an inaccessible table, or are unable to find one at all, as the Trabasack provides a comfortable and study tray surface for dining.

If you're a fan of outdoor pursuits, your Trabasack Curve is the perfect travel companion. Simply pack the bag space with all your necessary bits and bobs, sling it on your back and because it's made from hard-wearing materials, it withstands a range of weather conditions. What's more if you fancy stopping to take in the view, make notes or even indulge in some sketching you have a level stable surface to rest on. The same can be said if you fancy a quick drink or bite to eat whilst enjoying the scenery.


Main Features

The main features of the Trabasack Curve include:

  • Curved Edges - perfect for use as a wheelchair travel tray as hugs the contours of your body closely with no sharp edges
  • Wipe Clean Surface - ideal for mealtimes, PVC tray top is wipe clean if there are any little accidents
  • Super Light Weight - no pressure on lap when in use
  • Shower Proof - great for outdoor pursuits, sling it on your back and head off on your walk
  • Machine Washable

We're happy to say that the Trabasack Curve is available with an exclusive 20% discount for all Tourism for All Members. To find out more about the Curve and other products in the range visit the Trabasack website.

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