Accessibility in the Local Area

Double Gate Farm

Some people much prefer to be within easy reach of amenities, visitor attractions, bars and restaurants. If this is the kind of holiday that would interest you then please contact Tourism for All UK for help and advice.

The surrounding areas of hotels are not always of the same accessible standing as the hotel you are staying in. If you want to find out more about the accessibility of the local area it would be best to discuss this with your travel agent and contact either the Tourism Information Centre of the town or the National Tourist Board of the country you are visiting.

Some destinations are working with their national tourist boards and Tourism for All UK to carry out destination wide audits, and to create accessible itineraries for visitors with access needs. We will post up news of these developments in the UK as they occur.

We can offer assistance to put together promotional campaigns for interested destinations, so do encourage your local area to contact Tourism for All UK, email

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