Accessible toilets

There are thousands of public toilets that are accessible to disabled people and wheelchair users in particular. Many are accessible by using a special key provided by RADAR. Though there is a small charge for the key, it is then yours to keep for future visits. To obtain one, click here

Other accessible toilets can be found in places such as Tourist Information Centres, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, train and bus stations, ferry ports, and many of Britain’s tourist attractions. Many of the properties in our Attractions, Shopping and Eating and Drinking listings have an accessible toilet that you can search for on this site.

When travelling on the motorway system, there are Service Stations, generally about 30-45 minutes’ drive apart. Each one of these has good facilities for disabled travellers.

Loo of the Year award: Anyone ‘away from home’ can make a nomination to this national awards scheme which helps encourage provision of high quality toilet facilities. See

Tourism for All is working with the British Toilet Association, and other partners in establishing a comprehensive national toilet database in the future.




These innovative toilets provide washing, flushing and drying all in one simple operation, and can be stand alone or an additional fitting for a more conventional style toilet. They are offered in a number of hotels and B&Bs. Please click on the logo below for more information.

Clos-O-mat also produce Changing Places toilets. For a map of these, click here

Changing Places

An increasing number of venues now provide Changing Places toilets, which can include adult changing facilities. They provide more space (ideally 3 mtrs x 4 mtrs) than a normal accessible toilet so that there is adequate room for all the extra equipment such facilities require and room for two carers to easily help the user. The extra equipment expected in these facilities include:

  • Overhead room coverage hoist systems
  • Height adjustable changing benches
  • Showering facilities
  • Peninsular toilets
  • Privacy screen
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