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National Rail have created a website called Disability Onboard: Rail Travel Made Easy. The website provides information and guidance around making your journey using rail as barrier free as possible.

It must also be noted that all UK residents with disabilities are eligible for a Disabled Persons Railcard. This railcard enables users as well as an accompanying carer to receive a discount on all train tickets, usually one third off.

For more information about the railcard you can call the Disabled Persons’ Railcard application hotline on 0345 605 0525 or textphone 0845 601 0132. You may also contact the following address:

PO Box 11631, Laurencekirk, AB30 9AA.


Useful Tips

  • To ensure that you receive the best quality service it is essential that your travel requirements are communicated successfully to the train company at least 24 hours before you begin your journey. If not given 24 hours, staff will make all efforts possible to provide the service you require, but cannot promise the normal levels of service.
  • Inform the train operators of how you intend to travel to and from the mainline stations. This allows the staff to meet you on your arrival.
  • Please do check if you require to change trains at any time and do make sure that station staff at the point of change/s know how they can be of assistance.
  • Inform the station if you need to borrow a wheelchair.
  • Tell the staff whether you will be travelling alone or with a companion.
  • If your journey has been booked in advance the staff will make sure that they provide assistance to you if any unexpected disruptions take place throughout the duration of you journey. If you have not booked in advance, help will still be provided when possible.
  • If any of the arrangements that you have booked with the train companies in advance have not been met then you will be entitled to a refund.
  • All trains that have come into service after 1998 must have access features within them. This includes spaces for passengers travelling in a wheelchair, appropriate accessible toilets and visible and audio information.
  • Due to size restrictions different train companies have different policies about carrying mobility scooters on trains it is therefore important that you find out the particular policies employed by your train providers before travelling.

Station Accessibility

The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) has produced a map that provides travellers with information about the accessibility at many of the UK stations.

The map uses symbols to show whether the station has step-free access to all platforms or whether there is limited access. View the map

Contact Information

National Rail Enquiries:

Tel: 08457 48 49 50

Textphone: 0845 60 50 600

A comprehensive list of all rail companies contact details is provided here.

Underground Travel

The UK has two underground systems located in London and Glasgow.

The London Underground has in recent years been making a strong effort to make their stations accessible. There are currently a total of 66 step free underground stations in London with further improvements expected over the coming years. For more information about the London Underground please click here or contact their customer services on 0845 330 9880.

The Glasgow Underground System unfortunately has no step free stations. Staff are able however to assist with disabled passengers who are able to manage the steps. Wheelchairs are not allowed on the underground due to space restrictions. For more information on the Glasgow Underground please click here.

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